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Fun, Cool Tech

Founded in 2013, we strive to engineer creative solutions to interesting problems.

More importantly, both our team and our users have lots of fun in the process.


euTaste is the first project developed at Dymaxi. It combines the traditional culinary arts with food science, software and mathematics.

By modelling the tastes, aroma, and mouth feels of hundreds of ingredients, euTaste quantifies cooking like never before.

The end product? Fun food exploration experience with recipe analysis and ingredient recommendations.

Body Fat% Checker

The current methods of checking your body fat percentage are not very helpful due to one of the following reasons: costs, unavailability, inaccuracy, tedium, and inconsistency.

Dymaxi solves this problem by providing a free software solution that simply involves taking pictures of your body. Stay tuned, beta releases on Desktop and Android are coming soon.

Web Opinions

Web Opinions is an award-winning project whose prototype spawned out of NYUHacks, the annual official hackathon at NYU.

As a Chrome extension, it collects comments on a site and analyzes the sentiment on any given web page on the internet.

It includes an analytics dashboard for companies to monitor the sentiments on their site.

Cloud Capsule

With Cloud Capsule, users encapsulate moments in their lives, lock them away for a preset amount of time, and come back for an awesome, nostalgic, and powerful emotional experience.

Get excited, we will be releasing the beta version of Cloud Capsule very soon.

Join Dymaxi

At Dymaxi Labs, we have several project teams working on their own cool products.

We are always looking to expand and take on smart people. If you are driven, creative, and would like to work on cool things that meaningful, Dymaxi is the place for you.